Hack the Body: Other Self at STRP Biennale 2017

    by Chris Salter, TeZ & Luis Rodil Fernández

    March 25 - april 2

    Other/Self is a perfomative work, which incorporates scientific research and aesthetic experience. At STRP Biennale, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves daily.



    SENSIKS. Hackathon

    Create your own mixed-immersive experience

    March 28 - 30

    Baltan announces a great opportunity to join and to start developing your own experience. BALTAN Laboratories and SENSIKS. will host a three-day Hackathon that integrates the knowledge and technology of the SENSIKS. platform and biometric sensing in their program.



    Economia preview at Natlab

    with Zachary Formwalt and Melanie Bonajo

    March 17 - april 30

    For those who are eagerly anticipating Economia festival, two works will be on show at the Baltan exhibition from March 17.