Open Call Renewable Futures Conference 2017


    September 30, 2016

    Second edition of art and science conference series in Europe and the Baltic Sea region.



    Age of Wonderland is looking for volunteers!

    Get involved and become a host or guide.

    September 20

    This year Baltan Laboratories and Hivos will organise the third edition of Age of Wonderland: Big Data, Big DADA? – a programme in which six artists and designers from across the globe will work on an individual project revolving around this year’s theme, Big & Open Data.



    Joe Davis & The Art of Alchemy

    Report by Olga Mink

    This summer Joe Davis from Boston (US) aka the ‘godfather’ of Bio art, stopped by for a short visit to the Netherlands. Baltan Laboratories together with Mediamatic hosted a workshop, a talk and film-screening.