An exploration on designing touch interactions

    Workshop report

    November 24

    On November 24th an international group of peers from both the creative, tech and IT-industries joined an exploratory session revolving around designing prototypes for touch interaction and sensor technology. A dystopian narrative set in 2057 was the speculative framework for investigating the implications of a world in which body prostheses mediate the human senses.



    MONIAC Teaser

    by Daniel de Bruin

    We are sure you remember the MONIAC. A heavy piece of machinery representing the economy, which was featured at Economia Festival and in the Baltan Summer Exhibition.



    100 DAYS OF LEARNING Exhibition

    A living archive at Natlab

    21 october - january 7

    During Dutch Design Week / World Design Event many Days of Learning took place throughout the week. People gathered, shared and experienced together.