The Alchemy of Silk

    Bio-Mineralizing with Joe Davis (US)

    26 august 2016

    Learn to Bio-Mineralize your own transgenic silk with bio-art pioneer Joe Davis



    Astrobiological Horticulture

    Artist talk by Joe Davis and Screening of Heaven + Earth

    25 august 2016

    Astrobiological Horticulture, by bio-art pioneer Joe Davis, explores the possibilities for creating organisms that can survive in the cold deposits below the Martian surface.



    Open Call Renewable Futures Conference 2017


    September 30, 2016

    Second edition of art and science conference series in Europe and the Baltic Sea region.


    research project

    Open Call for residency

    at Plug-in-City

    August 31, 2016

    For Economia Festival in collaboration with Vertical Gallery by Fictional Collective we are launching a call for residency to produce an artwork in the context of Plug-in-City.