Baltan Laboratories

    Baltan Laboratories is a collaborative platform for future thinking that places art and design research at the core of its activities. Baltan claims the role of pioneer ‘’in the cultivation of the existing potential in the high-tech and creative industry.’’ (Policy note 2014/15).

    Baltan is both a network and a methodology: It sees the lab as a way of working and as a place where ideas are put into practice through projects in which freedom of thought, openness towards the unknown, experiment and playfulness are key.

    Baltan stimulates a cross-disciplinary approach conducted in an open-minded atmosphere based on trust, empathy and mutual inspiration.

    Mission: the lab of the future

    Baltan Laboratories brings together people and organizations to initiate and promote free experimentation on the crossroads of disciplines such as art and technology, with the conviction that this will evoke totally new ideas for - and insights in - products, services, knowledge and society.

    How to interact with the lab

    Baltan is a platform and a philosophy where individuals as well as organizations (big and small) can meet each other. In order to give this some kind of structure, we mainly put forward the following collaboration models.

    The ‘free’ model: Open Labs
    As an open community, everyone is able to join or tap into Open Labs free of charge. In theory, Baltan does not interfere with individual projects, unless projects or interactions are a direct threat towards the continuity of the Open Labs initiative itself or if there is mutual interest to create interaction between Baltan and the project members. It’s a low-threshold and low-cost way to interact with(in) the lab. Interested? Make sure to join one of our monthly meetups and get a taste of how Open Labs can work for you.

    The ‘Open innovation’ model: Themes and Programs
    Based on sharing of resources, Baltan defines long-term programs to explore a common theme. Multiple organizations can participate in the program based on their own interests, capabilities and timing. These program partners actively participate and share in the costs and results. The outcomes of the activities and the perceived value strongly relate to the background of the partners. For example, one partner could aim for direct return via ‘the results’ (such as new ideas for products and services, artistic value, coverage in media or events…). Another might be mainly interested in the indirect aspects ‘hidden’ in the process (active learning, new process insights, access to new networks, social change…).
    Currently we have one program actively running: “Age of Wonderland”, jointly coordinated with Dutch ngo Hivos and centered around the thematic of social innovation. In parallel we are investigating additional themes that could be launched as a program in the near future. To stay tuned on the development of our programs, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on twitter or directly contact us with your ideas.

    The ‘exclusive model’: The Studio
    Assignments for The Studio are based on a 1:1 interaction between a ‘client’ and Baltan. To execute projects, we work with multidisciplinary student teams under professional coaching and guidance. Do you have a specific challenge that could be solved by a multidisciplinary and experimental approach? Contact us and we will make you an offer.

    Other interactions between art and technology
    Via our network of likeminded organizations, we are also able to point you towards other collaboration models that involve combinations of art and technology, as there are: workshops, artist residencies…
    Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific need and we will be happy to connect you within our network.


    Baltan staff
    Koen Snoeckx, Managing Director
    Olga Mink, Artistic Director
    Marlou van der Cruijsen, Project Officer
    Vivian Fontijn, Project Officer
    Angela de Weijer, Office Manager

    VIF’s (Very Important Freelancers)
    Nicole de Boer
    Lorenzo Gerbi
    Carmin Karasic
    Niek LeBeat
    Wiepko Oosterhuis
    Ellen Zoete
    and many others

    Annie Fletcher, Van Abbemuseum
    Herman Schoo, Holst Centre
    Eefje op den Buysch, Transmedia Storytelling Lab

    Ariane Koek, X Media Lab

    Project and program partners

    We are grateful to the following organizations for their support of Baltan’s activities from 2014 - 2016:


    Containing download information about our facilities, annual reports, newsletters, and logo's. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Download logo's
    Includes following formats: '.eps', '.jpg', '.png' and '.pdf'.

    Download info on spaces
    Includes plans, dimensions and photo's of our facilities.

    Newsletter archive
    Click to find an archive of our newsletters.

    Annual reports
    Report 2015 Download
    Report 2014 Download
    Report 2013 Download
    Report 2012 Download
    Report 2011 Download
    Report 2010 Download
    Report 2009 Download

    Financial statements
    Financial statement 2015 Download

    ANBI informatie

    Stichting Baltan bestaat sinds 2008 en is gevestigd in het Natlab op Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Deze pagina bevat alle informatie ten behoeve van de ANBI-status. Baltan Laboratories opereert onder RSIN-nummer 819156267.

    Hoofdlijnen van het actuele beleidsplan
    Het bestuur bestaat uit Annie Fletcher (Van Abbemuseum), Herman Schoo (Holst Centre) en Eefje op den Buysch (Transmedia Storytelling Lab). Adviseur is Ariane Koek (X Media Lab).

    Verslag van de uitgeoefende activiteiten en financiële verantwoording
    De meest recente stukken zijn hier te downloaden:
    - Jaarverslag 2015
    - Jaarrekening 2015

    Beloningsbeleid van de organisatie
    Baltan Laboratories streeft ernaar om te belonen conform wat gemiddeld gangbaar is in de culturele sector. Salarissen worden vastgesteld in functie van individuele verantwoordelijkheden en een jaarlijks evaluatiegesprek. Om ons beleid verder te professionaliseren en optimaliseren, hebben we momenteel een adviestraject lopen via Cultuur Ondernemen. De uitkomst daarvan zal vanaf midden juni verder vormgeven aan ons beloningsbeleid. Zoals vastgelegd in de statuten, genieten leden van het Bestuur geen beloning voor hun werkzaamheden. Zij hebben wel recht op vergoeding van de door hen in de uitoefening van hun functie gemaakte kosten.

    Zie nadere gegevens onder contact.

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