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    baltan sessions

    Lab Collaborations: Panel discussion and Beyond Data book launch

    At the upcoming Dutch Electronic Art Festival, we will be presenting a session around lab collaborations on May 18th, including a panel discussion and the launch of our new Beyond Data publication. We hope to see you there!

    Lab Collaborations: Panel discussion and Beyond Data book launchLab Collaborations: Panel discussion and Beyond Data book launch


    A panel with speakers from a number of labs around the world discuss some recent collaborations between labs and look at how shared residencies, collaborative projects and knowledge sharing is being undertaken as a strategy for organisational sustainability and growth.

    The labs will open up and reflect on their ‘ways of producing’, specifically through four concrete case studies: the Beyond Data project by Baltan Laboratories and Kitchen Budapest; Naked on Pluto, developed by Dave Griffiths, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk during a residency at NIMk, Baltan and Piksel; Protei, supported by V2_Lab; and the mobile media lab residency collaboration between NIMk and Vivo ARTE.MOV in Brazil.

    Panel discussion participants:
    Boris Debackere (V2_Lab, NL)
    Annet Dekker and Annette Wolfsberger (Netherlands Media Art Institute, NL)
    Gisela Domschke (media artist and curator, BR)
    Angela Plohman (Baltan Laboratories, NL)
    Melinda Sipos (Kitchen Budapest, HU)

    BEYOND DATA BOOK LAUNCH (18:00-19:00)
    Presented by Angela Plohman, Baltan Laboratories and Melinda Sipos, Kitchen Budapest

    Baltan Laboratories and Kitchen Budapest are pleased to launch a new joint publication focusing on their recent collaboration called Beyond Data. The two labs brought their different working methodologies and networks together in a series of workshops in which Dutch and Hungarian artists and designers explored new ways of embodying digital data.

    In addition to extensive documentation of the project and concepts developed during the Beyond Data collaboration, new essays by Amanda McDonald Crowley, Attila Nemes, and others have been specially commissioned to reflect on the theme, the open lab as a methodology, and the collaboration between the labs itself.

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