Date: 18 December, 2013
    Time:16:30 - 17:30
    Location:Design Academy Eindhoven
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    Design Criticism, alive and kicking,
    Design Debates

    This lecture by Alice Twemlow dives into the notion that the venues for design criticism in the shape of newspaper and magazine columns are few and far between and most design critics are not paid enough to make a living solely as writers.

    Design Criticism, alive and kicking,Design Criticism, alive and kicking,

    There are instances, in the latter half of the twentieth century, when design criticism was valued economically and culturally, when publications gave space and salaries to design critics, and framed their work as such. But, for the most part, design criticism, has always been a dispersed and fugitive enterprise, inhabiting the interstices between the media’s subject silos, and, beyond publishing, shaping the approaches, activity and output of museums, institutions, professional associations, schools, publishing, research, and retail.  

    Although many consider design criticism’s dematerialization as a defined and largely textual entity as evidence of its identity crisis or demise, in fact, design criticism’s absorption into the fabric of cultural criticism broadly writ might be seen as an indicator of its maturation.

    Alice Twemlow is chair and co-founder of the SVA MFA Design Criticism program will give a keynote lecture on this. Twemlow is a contributor to Design Observer and writes about design for publications including Eye, Design & Culture, and The New York Times Magazine.

    Design Debates

    Eindhoven strives to be the Design Capital of Europe. These ambitions make sense, with a flourishing design network, impressive design and art galleries, a smart and creative region and of course the world famous Dutch Design Week. A Design Capital needs a platform to discuss, feed the design climate, to cross boundaries with other disciplines and of course connect all players (and players-to-be) within the field. Therefore Eindhoven-based cultural and educational institutions Design Academy Eindhoven, MU, The New Institute, Capital D founded the Design Debates platform. The platform is supported by critical friends: Baltan Laboratories, Alice, Capital D. Every month Design Debates Eindhoven will host an afternoon debate in Eindhoven.

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