Date:8 October 2014
    Time:13:00 - 15:00
    Price:Free entrance
    Location:Design Academy Eindhoven, 5th Floor (White Lady Room)

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    Design Debates
    Design for Social Innovation

    Interdisciplinary and intercontinental visions on the future with Age of Wonder artists debating on design for sustainability, design for public transport and design against crime.

    Design DebatesDesign Debates

    Social design is becoming the new buzz word. But what does it really imply? How can artists and designers contribute to the wicked issues of our time?

    During the Design Debate on the 8th of October, Anne van der Zwaag will introduce the topic referring to her latest publication Looks Good, Feels Good is Good. After that six interdisciplinary artist and designers from Africa, Asia and Indonesia discuss the impact of their work on public transport, safety and environmental issues.

    The Debate is a collaboration between Design Academy Eindhoven, Baltan Laboratories and Hivos in the project Age of Wonderland.

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    Introduction:  Anne van der Zwaag

    Artist: Andreas Siagian, engineer, Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Seterhen Akbar Suriadinata, engineer, Bandung (Indonesia), Sandra Suubi, eco-artist & singer, Kampala (Uganda), Roy Ombatti, engineer, Nairobi (Kenya), David Marín, artist & scientist, Guatemala City (Guatemala), José Montealegre, artist, Managua (Nicaragua) in collaboration with Eindhoven artist Griet Menschaert

    Moderator: CARMIN KARASIC

    In collaboration with Age of Wonderland, a cultural project by Baltan Laboratories & Hivos.

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