Date:28, 29, 30 March
    Time:all day
    Price:40,- Euros
    Location:Baltan Laboratories
    Street:Kastanjelaan 500
    Zip code:5604 EA
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    Posted in event, 19th of February, 2014


    Buy Age of Wonder Passepartout
    40,- Euros

    We live in interesting times. Our world is changing so rapidly that our dreams about both utopian societies and nightmarish scenarios are filled with doubt. We want to reinvent the world, society and our lives. For that, we need to look beyond our own frames of reference and specialisations.

    Buy Age of Wonder PassepartoutBuy Age of Wonder Passepartout
    Buy Age of Wonder PassepartoutBuy Age of Wonder Passepartout

    During the festival Age of Wonder, we will zoom out at our spot on the timeline and look to the past and the future. With a distinctive programme focussing on bold visions and big ideas. In so doing, Age of Wonder takes the essence and the existence of the 100-year-old NatLab as a starting point: a space where, detached from the outside world and the issues of the day, you can open your mind full of wonder to insights old and new.

    Why now?

    In 2014, it is a century ago that Gilles Holst, commissioned by the Philips brothers, began physics research. That was the beginning of what we now know as the NatLab. With Age of Wonder, we want to enhance the perspective on our time. By going back to the history of a successful institution like the NatLab and placing this knowledge in the context of a larger fundamental story about what artists and scientists drives and unites, we will shed new light on the issues of the day.

Why this programme?

    There are three ways in which you can approach the world around you: artistic, content- specific, and narrative. The same holds for this programme. To approximate the experience of a bustling lab as closely as possible, we have put together an unexpected programme consisting of artistic experimentation, great ideas, and mythical stories. They are inspired by the alchemists’ cellar from the NatLab, the lectures that used to be delivered in the auditorium, and the work of the famous visionary writer J.G. Ballard. At first sight, probably a confusing multitude of ways and ideas to look at the world and ourselves. Yet they are a reflection of the richness and diversity of us. We do hope that the enthusiasm of artistic and scientific research becomes palpable and touches you. Welcome to the Age of Wonder!

    A Passe-partout costs € 40 and is valid for all days of Age of Wonder. The All Days Pass does not guarantee a spot at separate program items. Reserve your spot via +31 40 2946848.

    This project is made possible with the gererous support of SNS REAAL, STRIJP-S Cultuurfonds, Gemeente Eindhoven, Fonds voor de Creatieve Industrie and Janivo Stichting.

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