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    Open Call Co-creators
    Age of Wonderland is looking for (NL Based) co-creators.

    We are calling out to artists, designers, thinkers and doers (based in the Netherlands and Eindhoven specifically), who are interested to join this year’s Age of Wonderland programme dealing with the topic of big data and social innovation.

    Open Call Co-creatorsOpen Call Co-creators

    Age of Wonderland is a multi-year programme jointly developed by Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and Dutch Design Foundation. It stimulates worldwide social innovation and challenges so-called wicked problems through global knowledge exchange between designers, researchers, scientists and artists. Six research fellows – from Chile Indonesia, Iran and Tanzania – visit the Netherlands for two residencies (21 May to 2 June, and the full month of October to end in the Dutch Design Week: 22–30 October).

    In order to increase the local potential and impact as well as instil a solid knowledge exchange into our daily practice, we are inviting creative practioners interested to collaborate with this year’s international fellows. Your contribution could be instrumental (‘I am a web builder, he needs a website’), it could be at the level of co-creation, or you can be a sounding board and endeavour to open up your network, or attribute your skills to help move the project forward. On each of those occasions there is a small fee available as well as a material budget (depending on the proposal).

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