Date:19 March 2014
    Time:12.00 - 20.00
    Price:Free entrance
    Location:Baltan Laboratories
    Street:Kastanjelaan 500
    Zip code:5604 EA
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    It is in the air
    Felix Hess

    Felix Hess is a trained physicist, expert in aerodynamics, and a sound researcher. “He is a unique crosser of the boundaries between science and art.” This installation is part of the Age of Wonder event in NatLab on 28, 29, 30 March.

    It is in the airIt is in the air
    It is in the airIt is in the air
    It is in the airIt is in the air
    It is in the airIt is in the air

    It's in the air’ is merely a field of small paper vanes on the floor that move in the air. His simplest work, according to the artist. 

    Felix Hess: “Air is what we live in. We breathe air. We see straight through it. It moves but we don't see it move: the trees move, the flag moves. I feel it on my face. The air brings us sounds.  Clouds are floating in the sky above us. Wave patterns come alive and die on water surfaces. Tall grasses too are waving in the wind, and small leaves rustle in the trees. Inside the house, dust dances in the sunlight. How about the air that moves along the floor?” The artist made this airflow visible. This is how he sees this work: “You can see this as a kinetic sculpture, you can see this as a visualisation of air flows, you can see this as a dance, but what this work is about, what it clearly focuses on, is simply: sensitivity.”

    about Felix Hess:

    Hess studied physics in Groningen and received his Ph-D in 1975 cum laude for groundbreaking research on aerodynamics of boomerangs. After that, he worked as a mathematician for five years in Australia. During his stay, he became intrigued by the way bullfrogs communicate. This inspired him to build an installation in which artificial animals make interactive sounds. Since that time, Hess has built more installations that include elements of nature, interaction and senses. His search for the essence of interaction and beauty in simplicity culminates in the installation It’s in the air, which doesn’t involve any electronics at all.

    Great story about Felix in Volkskrant by Theo Jansen
    More information here

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