Date:28 March 2014 - 30 March 2014
    Time:All day
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    Posted in installation, 15th of July, 2014


    Living Mirror
    Howard Boland and Laura Cinti

    We are regularly confronted with fantastic inventions and discoveries, but here you truly have the feeling to undergo an unreal futuristic experience.

    Living MirrorLiving Mirror

    Living mirror is an interactive bio-display combining magnetic bacteria, electronics and photo manipulation. The cells form a live mirror image. Art scientists Howard Boland and Laura Cinti create this surrealistic experience for the person looking in this mirror.

    A mirror consisting of a liquid filled with bacteria. A camera scanning your face creates a magnetic field with the information, to which the bacteria respond. The result is that you look at a portrait of yourself, designed by bacteria.

    Unique to these bacteria is their ability to swim along earth’s magnetic field. By introducing a changing field, bacteria rotate synchronically causing light to scatter as a visible shimmer inside liquid. This liquid biological mirror draws on water as our first interface predating today’s screen-based technologies. The work aims to connect us with a different material image and introduce a biophysical phenomenon different from digital media.

    Living mirror is developed with the Designers & Artists for Genomics Award (DA4GA) 2013. The work is created by the art scientists Howard Boland and Laura Cinti of the art collective C-Lab in collaboration with Bela Mulder and Tom Shimizu of the Fundamental Research Institute FOM Institute AMOLF. C-LAB is an art collective and organisation that engages with critical and contemporary amalgamations of art, science and technology. Headed by London-based artists Howard Boland and Laura Cinti, it focuses on artistic explorations of meaning and idiosyncrasies involving life, both organic and synthetic.

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