Date:26 June - 24 August
    Time:10-22 Hrs
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    Location:Baltan Laboratories
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    Posted in installation, 27th of May, 2014


    The Human Printer
    Post-Digital Crowdpainting

    The human printer installation by Janos Brückner and Miklósvölgyi Zsolt, aims to involve visitors into an interactive, process-based installation that elaborates the confrontation between traditional/digital imaging strategies and human/machine interaction.

    The Human PrinterThe Human Printer
    The Human PrinterThe Human Printer
    The Human PrinterThe Human Printer
    The Human PrinterThe Human Printer
    The Human PrinterThe Human Printer
    The Human PrinterThe Human Printer

    One might say that in the process of the humanization one of the most significant milestone was when we started to represent our world by images. This moment might be defined as the birth of the homo pictor and the beginning of the arche-writing. A beginning that -- paradoxically -- has no clear origin, as the process of the image-making itself is what's hiding it.

    This camouflage-effect could be considered as the basis of every representation: On one hand each sign signifies something that exceeds the sign itself, on the other hand each sign refers back to itself as an opaque surface (or pattern) that in order to make something else visible, overlaps itself.

    The Human Printer turns images into blank fields of numbers (representing grayscale values) using processing. It might be considered as a post-digital crowdpainting (in terms of articulating an image by social activity). Post-digital printing is an image-making process that, by the help of digital image-calculation, aims to turn human beings into mechanical image creators.

    The main properties of the images, such as perspective, lines, colors, no longer assigns the position of the viewer, as it is already fixed in the resolution of the images. You don’t know anymore, what you’re drawing: it is coded into a set of numbers.

    About Janos Brückner

    Brückner focusses on the disidentification and fake production through mixing classic and digital ways of voyeuristic image consumption, infographic over-functionalization and memory/tradition. "We are encircled by pictures and we do reproduce them tirelessly. This became an everyday aspect of our life – easy and immediate, like breathing."

    Organized in collaboration with Live Performers Meeting.

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