Date:April 19, 2017
    Time:13:00 - 15:00
    Price:free entrance
    Location:Baltan Laboratories
    Street:Kastanjelaan 500
    Zip code:5604 EA
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    Economia at Willem de Kooning Academy
    Lecture by Olga Mink and Wiepko Oosterhuis

    Join us at the Q8 Studium Generale - Next Economy: Next Attitudes

    Economia at Willem de Kooning AcademyEconomia at Willem de Kooning Academy


    “Resilience, frugality, adaptability, simplicity, inclusivity, empathy, and passion, all of which are essential to compete and win in a complex world. Adopting”  Navi Radjou, Jugaad Innovation: A frugal and flexible approach to innovation for the 21st century. 


    The ‘Next Economy’ refers to new definitions of production, transaction, consumption, distribution and authorship /ownership in a rapidly changing world, fused by technological disruptive innovations.  We live in a world of The Internet of Things where  ‘things’ are invisibly connected through data and networks. But we can also take control,  in  bottom-up initiatives  driven by self-production, like Maker Culture or in (local)  sharing economies. The way we relate to industry, nature, culture and society has changed and traditional roles between producers, designers and consumers are challenged.


    How can we make sense of this chaotic evolution? Which mind-, skill- and toolset do we, as future artists and designers, need for the ‘Next Economy’?  In the Studium Generale program, the Commercial Practices explore new and yet undefined roles of creative practitioners in future economical scenarios: as critical key players, instigators, influencers or collaborators. Key question:  how do we ‘make’ this future?  We will look at how future consumer behaviour affects the way we consume, shop, live, explore emerging bottom-up markets and discuss how resilient artists and designers can be in these new economical contexts. 




    Next Economy: Next Attitudes


    Wednesday 19 April 2017

    location: WdKA, Wijnhaven 61, 3rd floor (Open Space)

    time: 13.00 - 15.00 


    13.00 - 13. 40 Justien Marseille: Next Economy 

    Justien Marseille is futurist,  founder of the future institute and senior lecturer / researcher at ‘Creating 010’, one of the research centres of Hogeschool Rotterdam.  Her motto is to be critical and without fear about possible futures. “Towards respected inequality.” Justien will talk about the possibilities of Next Economy and future innovations within the current sock-economical system and process. 


    13.45 - 14. 30 Olga Mink, Wiepko Oosterhuis: Economia: artist’s perspectives on economies

    Curators of Economia, a festival about economy without economists (28 - 30 April, Natlab, Eindhoven).

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