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    Posted in news, 07th of April, 2014


    Age of Wonder successful!
    Thanks for stopping by

    We are still (after) glowing about Age of Wonder and the positive response we have received from everyone who visited. For this weekend we successfully managed to revive the old NatLab spirit with the most curious and creative minds!

    Age of Wonder successful!Age of Wonder successful!
    Age of Wonder successful!Age of Wonder successful!
    Age of Wonder successful!Age of Wonder successful!
    Age of Wonder successful!Age of Wonder successful!
    Age of Wonder successful!Age of Wonder successful!

    The three day event Age of Wonder hosted though-provoking ideas, new insights and most of all a dedicated and diverse audience. To revive the positive vibes of the festival we hereby share some impressions, video's and reviews. 

    Photographer Sas Schilten made a series of photos during the weekend. A report about Nick Bostrom's Superintelligence by We Make Money not Art (Regine Debatty) can be found here. Regine also blogged about the Antenna Tree. Monnik blogged about Richard Fortey's Four billion years of life on earth lecture here.

    For our Dutch readers, there are plenty of reviews such as the report by Simone de Vos. Also Gonzo-circus wrote a collaborative post which can be read online. Writer and masterclass participant Irma Driessen wrote several blogposts too.

    Missed some of our fantastic keynote lectures? Luckely our friends from Open Webcast were there! We are curently still uploading all the content, but you may already want to watch Rachel Armstrong's talk as part of the masterclass What's the nature 21st Human? Or The myth of Logic and the Logic of Myth by Iain McGilchrist.  Dutch philosopher André Khukluhn's lecture De Vreemde Lus can be listened to, in Dutch. Last but not least, you may enjoy the (Dutch spoken) interview on Radio One with Wiepko Oosterhuis.

    We thank everyone who helped making this event possible, and especially the  organisations that believed in this crazy idea to financially support it! Last but not least thanks to all artist and speakers who participated: Felix Hess, Richard Fortey, Iain MCGilchrist, Arne Hendriks, Rachel Armstrong, Erik Hobijn, Lotte Rijken, Ramon Etman, Hugo Vrijdag, Laura Cinti, Howard Boland, Jalila Essaidi, Sjors Van Trier, Christine Wagner, Wim Langehoff, André Khukluhn, Doug Wolens, Kees Tazelaar, Johan Van Kreij, Michiel Pijpe,  Students Artscience, Nick Bostrom, Andreas Siagian, Seterhen Akbar Suriadinata, Sandra Suubi Nakitto,  Roy Mwangi Ombatti, David Fernando Marín Roma, José Montealegre.

    Please feel free to share your feedback with us, or if you want to send us some information that should be relevant to us.

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