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    Posted in news, 05th of July, 2014


    Age of Wonderland
    Collaborative project with Hivos during the DDW 2014

    Baltan and Hivos present the project Age of Wonderland during the upcoming Dutch Design Week. The emphasis lies on social innovation around the themes hacking, foreign policy, public transport, cultural genetics and music.

    Age of WonderlandAge of Wonderland
    Age of WonderlandAge of Wonderland

    From 13 September until 26 October 2014, six young interdisciplinary creative talents from the Hivos network will come to Eindhoven. They have earned their spurs in their home countries, come from diverse backgrounds and live and work in Indonesia, Uganda, Kenya, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

    During their stay in Eindhoven they will establish new kinds of collaborations, develop their visions on social innovation and co-creation and explore knowledge exchange with local companies, artists, scientists and other creatives.

    The concepts, ideas and experiments that will develop are on show to the international public during DDW14. This will be done via pop-up labs that will be temporarily realized in public spaces at unexpected moments and locations, as well as in the Natlab, the hub of Age of Wonderland.

    Prior to the Dutch Design Week a range of events will be organised; 14 September during the Open Dagthere will be the opportunity to meet with everyone involved and find out how you can contribute to this collaborative project. Sandra Suubi will present at the Pecha Kucha event in TAC on Sept 25. Keep an eye on our (soon to be launched) website for more information.


    Andreas Siagian, engineer, Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Seterhen Akbar Suriadinata, engineer, Bandung (Indonesia), Sandra Suubi, eco-artist & singer, Kampala (Uganda), Roy Ombatti, engineer, Nairobi (Kenya), David Marín, artist & scientist, Guatemala City (Guatemala), José Montealegre, artist, Managua (Nicaragua) in collaboration with Eindhoven artist Griet Menschaert.

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