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    Posted in news, Second of December, 2015


    Vacancy Board Members
    Baltan Laboratories

    To successfully pursue its artistic and growth ambitions, Baltan Laboratories is actively looking for at least two additional Board Members.

    Vacancy Board MembersVacancy Board Members
    Vacancy Board MembersVacancy Board Members
    Vacancy Board MembersVacancy Board Members

    Baltan Laboratories is a non-for profit organization (“Stichting”) founded in 2008 with the mission to establish an experimental environment, distilled from the legacy and DNA of Eindhoven and with an international reputation and ambition. Since Baltan moved into the renovated Natlab building in 2013, it has rapidly grown into a relevant player in the interplay between technological, scientific, cultural and creative eco-systems around societally relevant topics.

    Over the coming years, Baltan will further deploy its activities and reputation (inter)nationally. In parallel, it will enhance its entrepreneurial approach. Baltan sees an important advisory role for its Board to guide this process.

    We expect our Board Members to have an open mind towards design, culture, science and technology, a relevant network, a critical – yet constructive – attitude and a fair amount of humor and (self-) relativism. On top of this, our new Board Members possess one or more of the following skills:

    • Proven entrepreneurship in the private sector
    • Experience in the world of higher education
    • Accountancy and finances
    • The ambition to take the position of Chair (wo)man after a short interim period

    The expected workload involves attendance of Board Meetings and willingness to occasionally give advice (via phone or e-mail) on specific topics. Board Meetings typically take place once per quarter just after regular working hours. Membership of the Baltan Board is unsalaried. Travel expenses get compensated.

    Candidates can express their interest by contacting
    Koen Snoeckx ( or
    Olga Mink (

    We would love to receive all responses ultimately on Friday, January 22 2016. Based on profile scans, we will invite a small number of candidates to get further acquainted. Soon after we will agree on a date for our next Board Meeting in February/March with the new members.

    You can find our annual reports and more information in the ABOUT section (scroll down).

    Download here the PDF document (Dutch / English)


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