Date:8 November 2014
    Price:€ 25.00
    Location:Baltan Laboratories
    Street:Kastanjelaan 500
    Zip code:5604 EA
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    Posted in open lab, 31th of October, 2014

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    Arduino and LED Workshop [8 Nov]
    Open Labs -Light Edition

    During this workshop led by Sami Sabik from Holst Centre, you will work with Adafruits’ newest and smallest programmable micro controller, the Trinket. Participants start with the basic principles of electronics and programming with Arduino.

    Arduino and LED Workshop [8 Nov]Arduino and LED Workshop [8 Nov]

    This workshop is part of Baltan Laboratories program of activities and hands-on sessions for Glow Next 2014.

    Throughout the day, participants will create various circuits, using different input and output devices, and learn how to control electronic components. The aim of the workshop is to understand how to produce simple interactive systems using Arduino programming language. You will use the Adafruit Trinklet micro controller along with various sensors to control light emitting devices. You don’t need any specific knowledge in programming or electrical engineering to be able join the workshop, you just need to bring a laptop (mac or pc) in order to program the Trinklet board.
The price of the workshop is €25, including the Trinket + components kit. Drinks and snacks will be provided.


    About Sami Sabik:

    Sami Sabik is a research engineer at TNO / Holst Centre, Eindhoven. In his day-to-day work he develops new ways to create electronic components using nano materials; in his spare time, he explores the possibilities of electronics, enjoying seeking possibilities for new digital creations.  From robots to message machines, lasers and LEDs, his experience spans cross-disciplinary applications, spurred from a love of code and all things electric.

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