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    Baltan Open Labs: Light Edition
    A week of Open Labs dedicated to the theme of light during Glow NEXT 2014

    Check out the program of hands on sessions and workshops taking place at Baltan during the festival of lights in Eindhoven

    Baltan Open Labs: Light EditionBaltan Open Labs: Light Edition

    From 8 to 15 November 2014, the city of Eindhoven will host the 9th edition of GlOW festival of lights.  At the same time, GlOW NEXT will be taking place at Strijp-S, where a collection of light art works will be presented and visitors can also follow a trail to the different light objects.

    What GLOW NEXT offers is a platform for innovative and experimental light art, but also for light applications that display social engagement.  Baltan Laboratories is glad to take part in this inspiring initiative once again with a variety of workshops and hands-on sessions fluttering around light projects.

    The sessions will be led by artists, designers, engineers and other members of the Baltan Open Labs community and network, and we invite all creative individuals and visitors of GLOW NEXT to join this inspiring atmosphere.  The idea is to meet with each other, experiment and build with light and play with new technologies; we are looking for doers and thinkers with a wide variety of backgrounds to generate new ideas and bringing existing ones to a next level. 

    Among the participants you´ll find working during Open Labs -Light Edition at Baltan Basement: 

     Anastasija Mass

    Anastasija Mass graduated from the Social Design MA program at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011 and is now a freelance designer. During Baltan Open Labs -Light Edition, she will be experimenting with light in reflections, using the potential of mirrors to create kaleidoscopic patterns and seeking for illusion of infinite lit space. By working together with Sami, they will use programmed light installations as a source of dynamic light patterns.  

    Dan Adlešič

    With a considerable interest in doing different stuff and his own enjoyment for light based installations, designer Dan Adlešič will be working with analogue principles and physical matter to create interactive and digital looking outcome during Baltan Open Labs -Light Edition -real stuff has no delay and no resolution.    

    Sami Sabik

    Sami Sabik is a research engineer at TNO / Holst Centre, Eindhoven. In his day-to-day work he develops new ways to create electronic components using nano materials; in his spare time, he explores the possibilities of electronics, enjoying seeking possibilities for new digital creations. From robots to message machines, lasers and LEDs, his experience spans cross-disciplinary applications, spurred from a love of code and all things electric.    

    Corradino Garofalo

    Corradino Garofalo is a recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Social Design Masters program. The use of visual projection and film is an integrated tool in his design practice, which focuses on creating analogies between material behaviour and the behaviour of the individual within society.  Throughout the week of Glow Next at Baltan Open Labs, he will be experimenting with projection mapping in combination with sensors, particularly using human body and the movement, which it generates as an input to create dynamic video projections.

    Leon Kucharski

    Leon Kucharski is a design Student from Burg Giebichenstein, in Halle, Germany.  He is working together with his Brother Luis. They like to call their design approach "Aesthetic Research", which means to combine the design process with pseudo scientific research methods. At Open Labs –Light edition, Leon will fade paper, by using artificial light.  The starting point for his installation will be a table, a lamp and two colored papers. During the week he will fasten up the process by adding more light sources and experimenting with different types of paper at the same time. 

    Kirsten Swensen

    Kirsten Swensen is a VJ and visual artist with a background in photography from Eindhoven.  She has profound interest in art & technology and in stirring the area in between. Kirsten was curious about what it would be like to turn a picture into a dynamic, shifting landscape of movement and sound, and the way this would affect an audience.  With this in mind, she developed 'Mazewarp', a self-written 3D software program that responds immediately to various sound frequencies and movement.  Depending on the sound it hears, the program reconstructs an image and turns it into abstract landscapes, while transforming sound into live visuals; anything live can be render by the program.  During Open Labs -Light Edition she will continue to develop her program further, while trying to make it interact and create a visual experience with the Glow Next visitors.

    Siavash Maraghechi

    Siavash Maraghechi, is a PhD student at TU/e, working with materials and their mechanical properties. After taking the Arduino + LED workshop with Sami, he just kept on coming back to Baltan and joined Open Labs –Light Edition to play around with the Arduino and some LEDs.  Loving the playground of coding, he started to create different interactions with the light and the sensors he had in hand. Projecting the light effects from the LEDs on the wall then brought up the idea of giving dynamic light patterns for Anastasija to experiment with.


    Also, on display you will find a prototype of the world first interactive colorful OLED lighting wall.  The color of the OLED lighting panel changes with infrared sensors by detecting the motion of visitors. During Glow Next, we invite everyone to interact with it and share their ideas about this piece.


    Saturday 8 Nov:  Arduino + LED workshop / 11.00-18.00  

                                Opening Open Labs -Light Edition / 18.00-22.00    

    Sunday 9 Nov:  Arduino + LED workshop / 11.00-18.00  

                              Open Labs -Light Edition / 18.00-22.00    

    Monday 10 Nov:  Open Labs -Light Edition / 18.00-22.00    

    Tuesday 11 Nov:  Open Labs -Light Edition / 18.00-22.00    

    Wednesday 12 Nov:  Open Labs -Light Edition / 18.00-22.00    

    Thursday 13 Nov:  Open Labs -Light Edition / 18.00-22.00    

    Friday 14 Nov:  Presentation of light projects during Baltan Open Labs monthly session / 18.00-22.00    

    Saturday 15 Nov:  Finissage Open Labs -Light Edition / 18.00-22.00

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