Date:18 October 2014
    Time:13:30 - 14:30
    Price:Free entrance
    Location:Baltan Laboratories
    Street:Kastanjelaan 500
    Zip code:5604 EA
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    Fighting Jiggers in 3D Using Waste Plastic [1]
    Presentation by Roy Ombatti, Kenya

    In his temporary work lab, Ombatti gives an introduction to the plight of jiggers in his home country Kenya. Explaining the context of this situation, Ombatti wants others to understand the problem and thus appreciate the solution.

    Fighting Jiggers in 3D Using Waste Plastic [1]Fighting Jiggers in 3D Using Waste Plastic [1]
    Fighting Jiggers in 3D Using Waste Plastic [1]Fighting Jiggers in 3D Using Waste Plastic [1]

    Designer and innovator Roy Ombatti developed a mobile shoe lab that produces unique 3D printed shoes for people with strongly deformed feet caused by jiggers. His main research is focussed on the development of these customized shoes and the use of recycled plastic. Since this solution is two-folded, both of these topics will be used to create a narrative.

    Giving a detailed tour through the entire design process, Ombatti explains his research and motivations and the techniques used to produce the shoes. Ombatti also explains the shortcomings and difficulties he encountered along the way. In conclusion there will be a brief explanation of future plans and the ways in which these ideas will be pushed forward.

    This project has been made possible with the kind support of Ultimaker and YouMagine. Age of Wonderland is an initiative by Baltan Laboratories and Hivos, as part of the Dutch Design Week 2014

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