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    Minor Prototype Exhibition
    Fontys Art & Technology

    The results of the 2013 Art & Technology Minor were presented on June 26 at TAC in Eindhoven. The minor, developed and coached by Baltan labs, covered the challenge of SuperPowers - In one case our senses are too small, In the other case, we have no senses at all.

    Minor Prototype ExhibitionMinor Prototype Exhibition

    The Fontys students had to make a choice between enhancing or transforming the senses. To ENHANCE our biological senses, they had to consider how to detect stimuli outside the human range. We already have the sense, but their challenge was to augment that sense. The second option was the challenge to TRANSFORM humanly undetectable stimuli, so that we can detect data for which we have no sensors. How does the invisible impact our daily lives? What if we could sense more signals: data, radio waves and electromagnetic fields around us?

    The Fontys students worked for several months and presented their prototypes, realized as installations. The first work, Invisibility, consisted of advertising posters which – after scanning them with the Layar app – showed subversive messages about companies such as McDonalds and Apple. Jealousy tested the jealousy of a couple by separating them and creating a narrative suspension by using visuals. Using Kinect camera’s, the work Into the Past traced participants walking in a room. Color and music changed as the participant closed in on the trail of the most recent person who walked there before.  Another group presented a digital painting, which consisted of personalized splashes of ‘paint’. The splash color and shape was determined by individual characteristics, measuring the users’ heartbeat with a sensor. The exhibition ended with Into the Dark: a dark maze. Wearing vibrating sensors, the participant was guided through the maze without relying on vision.

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