Date:11 October – 30 October
    Location:Natlab, Baltan Expo
    Street:Kastanjelaan 500
    Zip code:5616 LZ

    Posted in presentation, Second of October, 2013


    Greeting cultures
    Art republic II

    A research project by Irma Foldenyi and Gyorgi Galik

    Greeting culturesGreeting cultures

    The ‘Greeting Cultures’ research project takes the historical line of Natlab’s technological inventions not as a technological reference but as a social reference. Famous discoveries are the transmitters (for radios), radar (a version of which was developed in 1954), hearing aids and data storage (cassette, CD). All these inventions are tools with a primary role: storing, sending and receiving signals thereby providing alternative forms of communication, intermediating between people. These groundbreaking inventions resulted from fundamental research, which was translated into tools that changed our collective mindset. Instead of taking technology as a starting point for research the‘Greeting Cultures’ project begins with looking at people and how they meet.

    Designers Irma Foldenyi and Gyorgyi Galik are exploring non-verbal expressions of interpersonal and cross-cultural communication. The project, which is in its research and development phase, will probe the subtle adjustment processes in human interactions and aims to discover new insights based on communication rituals within everyday reality. ‘Greeting Cultures’ visualizes an exploration of identity and maps different codes of behaviour.


    Irma Foldenyi (HU) is a Netherlands-based designer with a socially engaged, research-led design practice focusing on methods, processes and products that respond to contemporary social needs. She graduated in 2012 Design Academy Eindhoven Master’s in Social Design and has worked with several institutes to develop her focus on understanding and designing for current socio-cultural shifts, such as Open Society Foundation; Baltan Laboratories Eindhoven (NL); Philips Design Probes (NL), Z33 (BE), Studio Makkink and Bey, Kitchen Budapest (HU).

    Gyorgyi Galik (HU) is a London-based  designer (aka experimental design), concept developer and researcher with a background in fine arts and visual communication design. Her practice (video studies, text-based works, installations) focuses on voluntary social change, and more specifically how we can transform socio-ecological systems and our collective relationship towards the environmental commons to address and respond to contemporary social and environmental challenges.

    This project is part of the Natlab program in collaboration with Broet and Plaza Futura and is supported by the city council of Eindhoven and Brabant 2018 Cultural Capital. 

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