Date:29 November 2012
    City:Ljubljana, Slovenia

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    Presentation at Sonica Festival

    Museum of Transitory Arts (MOTA) invited Baltan Laboratories to give a talk during the next edition of Sonica Festival. The talk and discussion is taking place at the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Presentation at Sonica FestivalPresentation at Sonica Festival

    The theme ‘third culture’ raises an investigative question about a new culture, which reflects a junction of technology, science and popular culture. The festival shifts its focus to sound, but nevertheless maintains the transitoriness of contemporary art as the core of its program, by shifting between different media from installations, audiovisual to interactive works, science to popular culture, at the crossroads of art and technology.

    The third Culture is a notion that is based on what is claimed to be a gradual but accelerating fusion of the “two cultures” of the humanities and science. It is argued that if these two cultures were formerly in a state of constant border conflict, they are now increasingly drawn to each other just as they were once repelled by each other. This is the underlying process that has allowed the Third Culture to establish itself as an attractive meme that seems to imply new forms of progress and interaction that were previously prohibited. The “two cultures” paradigm is most strongly associated with the English novelist and scientist C.P. Snow. In 1963 he claimed that the social sciences actually represent a third, intermediary culture in between the two older cultures.

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