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    Posted in report, 30th of June, 2015


    Report Provocative Food Seminar in Natlab
    Written by Lorenzo Gerbi.

    "We are facing global challenges which require global answers and perspectives."

    Report Provocative Food Seminar in NatlabReport Provocative Food Seminar in Natlab

    In the context of Age of Wonderland, a social innovation program which is jointly developed by Hivos, Baltan Laboratories and the Dutch Design Week, the “Provocative Seminar on Food: Challenging our Current Food System” took place at the Natlab on May 21st. Different experts from around the world reflected on the issues at stake and gave their perspectives on the food system in 2020.

    The variety of speakers and points of view during the seminar stressed the necessity of dealing with food related issues in an interdisciplinary and intercultural way. We are facing global problems which require global answers. However, knowledge and solutions brought from different perspectives can provide an important part to these answers. Everyone should be able to provide their insights and models to find new solutions. 

    By interacting with the audience the seminar showed that it is possible to deepen the knowledge being open minded and dare to look at alternative narratives. The urgency pushes us to creatively work and think together, to change the way we see our food systems, our nature and our presence in this world. The playful facilitation of the seminar created a deep exchange of, sometimes very contrasting point of views, but always reflecting food as a story of hope, connection with others and a way to positively shape our society.

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