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    Call for proposals: 100 DAYS OF LEARNING
    What about taking a journey from knowledge to wisdom?

    Age of Wonderland invites you to engage in this journey by submitting a day of learning. Send in your ideas and make learning more interesting, fun, rewarding, inclusive and a part of everyday life! Submissions need to be sent before April 20, 2017.

    Call for proposals: 100 DAYS OF LEARNINGCall for proposals: 100 DAYS OF LEARNING

    Age of Wonderland invites creative practitioners all over the world to work together to tackle today’s global challenges. 100 DAYS OF LEARNING invites everyone to share their personal experiences by hosting a day of learning. What do you feel we need to learn to make a positive change? For once, we want to ignore the institutions, the professional educators, the commercial seminars, the self-help books, and ask you directly to teach us something that you think is relevant for the future of our planet. Something we can incorporate into our daily lives. 


    Age of Wonderland invites you to turn your personal experiences into shareable knowledge to enable others to embrace the change you feel we need. Which challenges or moments in your life gave you new insights? Are there key moments in your life which can be turned into a shareable lesson? What motivates you? We’re not interested in textbook knowledge but rather in your experiences that helped you in gaining a new perspective on yourself or the world around you.


    Turning lessons into action.

    There is no fixed format for a day of learning. Perhaps you’d like to translate your story into a unique setting like a workshop, talk, a walk in a forest, a performance, a poem, a dinner, or a personal encounter. We invite you to translate your perspective into a transferrable ‘act’ or ‘tool’ that can be applied by others enabling them to copy, implement, experience, personalise, hack your concept/recipe/day of learning. 



    A valid proposal consists of the following two elements: 1. A completed online form and 2. A PDF file containing the requested information. Send in your proposal no later than 20 April 2017!



    Please register via this form, ensuring that you answer all the questions.



    Please send a PDF file to: info [AT] mentioning ‘Proposal 100 DAYS OF LEARNING’ in the subject line. Your PDF file should contain the following parts. Please note that the PDF file shouldn’t be larger than 2 MB.


    1. Your concept for a day of learning, stating goals and purpose (max. 300 words)

    2. A description of what you need to make this day happen (max. 150 words)

    3. Your idea for documenting/archiving this day of learning (max. 50 words) 

    4. The type of participants you envisage will take part in your day of learning (max. 50 words)

    5. Your résumé (max. 2 pages)



    Proposals will be selected by Age of Wonderland selection committee consisting of Arne Hendriks (curator), Christine Wagner (Hivos) and Olga Mink (Baltan Laboratories). The committee will assess your proposal on the basis of the following criteria: the quality of your concept; the social relevance of your proposal within the program of 100 DAYS OF LEARNING; your approach and ambition; your desire and scope to make new moves; the proposed planning and target group. The outcome will be communicated in last week of April, 2017.


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    Google form for submitting your proposal

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