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    Posted in research project, 24th of November, 2015

    research project

    Looking back on a successful Age of Wonderland
    Second edition on Green & Fair Food

    During Dutch Design Week, the audience was introduced to the topic of green and fair food. The projects developed during the residency programme ranged from the nomadic tastes of Kyrgyzstan, to the ancient traditions of a remote self-sustainable village in Indonesia, passing by a waste facility that turn waste into organic compost in Tanzania.

    Looking back on a successful Age of WonderlandLooking back on a successful Age of Wonderland

    Age of Wonderland ambition to connect ideas and people from all over the world with the local community in the Netherlands was successfully achieved through the many workshops, pop up labs and the guided tours. The exchange of ideas created new insights and possibilites on how to develop a more sustainable approach to the (food) systems we have become part of. 

    Yoyo Yogasmana from Indonesia received the first Ecocoin handed over by Koert van Mensvoort (Next Nature). The knowledge from often forgotten, remote cultures proved once again to be of great value and importance for the development of new perspectives on our future. According to Yoyo we should be more in tune with nature to become resilient. 'Only then there will be enough resources for everyone.'

    Katera's start up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania was succesfully embraced by the audience as well as international companies like DSM and BAM. His idea to solve the waste problem in his hometown using low tech solutions in collaboration with the local community and the authorities brought him to create his own Start up 'Guavay'. Newspaper FD published an interview with Katera (in Dutch).

    We want to thank our partners, all the Age of Wonderland fellows and their Dutch counterparts, the team, students from the Food Non Food department at the Design Academy, DSM, Rijnconsult, BAM, and last but not least our dedicated volunteers to make this event possible.

    To see the impressions of this edition view our online photo archive (images by Sas Schilten and Hanneke Wetzer), watch the aftervideo with interviews by Oddone, the video stream of the Future Food Seminar, and a report on Claynialism by Zoomin TV. For information about the full programme visit our dedicated homepage.

    Below you can find the complete media archive of 2015 with links to press clippings, articles, videos and pictures:

    Age of Wonderland DDW2015

    Dutch Design Week, Persbericht DDW 2015
    Abundance or Scaritiy? The Green Take.
    Hivos verbindt design en voedsel - Duurzaam bedrijfsleven.
    Designing our future food system, Food Change Lab
    Age Of Wonderland 2015 - We Make Money Not Art
    Financieel Dagblad, Ilse Zeemeijer
    Amanda McDonald Crowley on Scoop
    Age of Wonderland 2015: Hivos
    Create Out Loud, Nurturing Collaborations
    Trendbeheer, report Dutch Design Week 2015
    Another successful Dutch Design Week, Dafne.
    MU: Groen en eerlijk voedsel, MU Create Out Loud
    Age of Wonderland 2015, Drimble.
    10 tips voor de Dutch Design Week 2015, VPRO.
    Day one & two, 19 oktober 2015, Artsthread.


    Stimuleringsfonds creative industries
    BKKC Impulsgelden
    The Art of Impact

    ECO Coin

    ECO coin symbolisch uitgereikt, Engineers Online.
    Symbolic presentation ECO coin, Afro Cosmopolitan.
    Next Nature Network, EZpress.
    ECO coin uitgereikt, Hivos.
    Symbolic presentation ECO coin, Dutch Design Week.
    NNN Movement and the First ECO Coin - Next Nature Network
    Eerste ECO coin uitgereikt - Fonkonline.
    Next Nature Network - ANP Pers Support.
    Studio International, Dutch Design Week 2015

    Audio/visual/photo archive

    General Photo archive
    Future Food Seminar, Openwebcast
    Edible Clay: Dirt, super food or simply crazy? Zoomin.tv
    Now Future: Next Nature Network & Ecomunt, VPRO
    Future Food Seminar - Openwebcast
    Age of Wonderland 2015 Aftermovie
    by ODDONE
    The Declaration of Claynialism  


    Knowledge4 food, Age of Wonderland 2015
    Dutch Design Pressdesk, Age of Wonderland 2015
    Artscollaboratory, Age of Wonderland 2015
    Eventful, Guided tour Age of Wonderland
    Roundtown - What’s the name of that lake under Mexico City
    Masha Ru, Age of Wonderland
    Dutch Design Week, Age of Wonderland Exhibition

    Future Food Seminar Reports

    From Knitted Meat to Obsolete Supermarket - We Make Money Not Art.
    Future Food Seminar, Hivos
    Knowledge4food, report Future Food Seminar

    Age of Wonderland Publication

    Essay ‘Wonderland Water’, Tracy Metz
    Balancing Green and Fair Food - Publication Age of Wonderland or download the PDF.

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