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    Posted: 15 May 2019

    Is your organisation actively shaping it's future

    or just reacting to the idea of it?

    Fabricating Alternatives is a strategic toolset that uses fiction to spark innovation. This research-based project created by Imagination of Things and co-produced by Baltan Laboratories, gathers people to play, imagine, develop and prototype ideas. It brings more imagination to business!

    Through a co-creation session, it fabricates alternatives for our reality, generating two key outputs: inventions and interventions.

    If you are interested the methodology click here to discover in which way Fabricating Alternatives can benefit your organisation or contact us directly.

    Imagination of Things is a design fiction studio based in Amsterdam. They use narrative design and creative technology to unfold more imagination in our lives.

    The collaboration between Imagination of Things and Baltan Laboratories is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and Provincie Noord-Brabant.


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